Jun 9, 2017


Thundercats will be incomplete! Mattel's a bag of dicks!
Warner Brothers also sucks! Who'll be blamed by Scott?
Buncha Buncha Buncha  Buncha Douche!
Bucha Buncha Buncha Buncha Douche!

We have the terrible bit of news that Thundercats will not receive the Classicized Treatment by Super7... WB said no...

Not cool, Flynn... That douchy move is almost Neitlichian.
Sadly, Mr. Flynn's reaction to that seems almost like some sort of mockery...

In any case, Warner Brothers seems to have given the Master License to The Loyal Subjects who are currently high on my bitch list because they're trying to OutNECA NECA with their piss poor QC and unhealthy obsession with releasing the same 5 figures in different repaints.

Seriously, Mattel could've EASILY finished the Core Cats and Mumm-Ra as a final thank you for supporting the sub and pulled a NECA by having an Online Only Final Offering of Cheetara, Mumm-Ra the Everliving and Tygra.

But for a more positive bit of news...
The Return of Faker preview is here!! Enjoy!

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