Jun 16, 2017

Remember when Konami was a good thing?

But it seems that Konami's pissed that they are #10 in The Top Tens, uh Top ten worst gaming companies? Remember how they banned Hideo from getting his award for A Hideo Kojima game... Or how they put employees to work as janitors as punishment... Well, Konami has gone to the next level of dickery:
Blacklisting Ex Employees to the point that their Health care is denied.
That's like a Super Saiyajin God tier dick move.
Paired with not being able to use their years at Konami in their resumé...

-It seems that you have a 10 year gap between jobs. Care to explain...
-Yeah, about that I can't say WHERE I was working.

That's a massive dick move. If any media asks for interview, the big bad Konami will sue their asses.

This could scare potential new employees, as well as punishing those who went with Hideo...
Konami is starting to sound very Italian American Stereotype from about a hundred years ago.

Also, the Bastard offspring of MGSV is coming in 2018... Kuck Fonami...

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