Jun 7, 2017

It Came From the Toy Chest: White Power

Oh, come on! I've been doing the WHITE POWER... Ranger joke for ages. I often post the White Power... Ranger song. Me NOT DOING IT when Reviewing the WHITE POWER... Ranger would be a disservice to the already beaten up dead horse that is this joke.

So, White Ranger... He's the Green Ranger after he lost his power to a Candle... Zordon made a new Power Coin to use footage from a Sentai Series that wasn't adapted to Murica...

and here's the original unaltered version of WHITE ranger tiger POWER...

and as you can hear the original, you can see how easy it is to pervert...
Two Tommys made Kimberly way too happy...

Now let's get to the Ratings Part:

Same issues as Green Ranger... I think they share Torsos, but the Black and Gold Armor Limits the Arms range of movement.
White has a Hinged Neck on a swiveling head. no ball joint here, apparently. Double joint elbows and knees, ball joint shoulder with bicep swivel. a pseudo Revolver joint on the wrists. (changing hands scares me a bit here as well.) Ab Crunch, waist swivel, ball jointed thighs and a rotating thigh... Kinda like the Toybiz ML Black Widow thighs. Boot cut and that strange ball jointed ankles that newer Hasbro Marvel Legends Figures have.
JDF is ready to face "The Punisher"

Paint and Sculpt:
There are a Lot of new pieces here: Especially the arms, belt, head, and boots... Heck, Even the shoulders are lacking the Mighty Morphin Shoulder pads. There are no issues with the paintjob.


Don't worry Saba. Kimberly is my beard.
I only love you!
Here is where Tommy falls flat... Green Tommy had 2 sets of hands, the sword of darkness AND The Dragon dagger... White Tommy only has Saba. No Megazord pieces, no Tiger Zord, nothing!!


 White Tommy gets a 3.5 as his final score. Bandai got a bit lazy here... Freaking Tommy HAS VIRTUALLY NOTHING... You shouldn't swap hands with other rangers because his pegs are slightly incompatible with past figures. He feels like a huge rip-off, but Tommy Oliver... I'm done with this line... Unless we get a Lord Zedd, Goldar and Rita, that is...
Not interested in reissues with weapons.
Aside a Black Dino Thunder Ranger, Bandai of America has nothing
that interests me on their Legacy Power Rangers line...

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