Jun 4, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Asian Yellow Ranger Is Racist

We all know Zordon is racist... Making the Black Ranger Black and the Yellow Ranger Asian, but let's talk Trini or Aisha, which depends on Which Tommy you use for your set.

Yellow Ranger, After the Sabretooth Tiger, one of the Two original Rangers NOT Having a Dinosaur as their "Spirit animal"... There's not much I can say about the Yellow Ranger aside that she helps complete Megazord...

Let's get to the ratings part shall we?

Yellow has a Hinged Neck on a swiveling head. no ball joint here, apparently. Double joint elbows and knees, ball joint shoulder with bicep swivel. a pseudo Revolver joint on the wrists. (Theoretically speaking, changing hands scares me a lot more than the male figures here.) Ab joint is different to the males. Instead of the ab-crunch she has a ball joint, waist swivel, ball jointed thighs and a rotating thigh...Totally like the DCUC thighs. Boot cut and that strange ball jointed ankles that newer Hasbro ML have. Unlike Pink, Yellow has no skirt, but that's because the Japanese Yellow Ranger was a man. But since these are American toys by Bandai America, she gets the female torso.

Paint and Sculpt:

The Sculpt, aside the head and crotch is virtually the same as Pink. Pretty much the same thing I said about Pink AND the male MMPR figures applies here. The bigger boobs (with incredibly tight fitting outfit that separates each boob properly) and shoulder pads throw off the design. UNLIKE PINK, her belt is in the appropriate White Color.


Here is where these figures always fail. Useless Megazord part and the standard blade blaster to put in the holster. No extra hands, or weapons... Rumor has it that these guys will be rereleased with their weapons...


Yellow gets a 4.0 as her final score... Slightly better than Pink, due to the Belt being the correct color.
Now I have a Complete Megazord... Without his Sword, because the geniuses at Bandai thought that making a Translucent Jason or Rocky for SDCC was the perfect way to get the sword... The problem with the line is All these Megazords and NO Monsters for them to fight... I Kinda wish we had gotten extra hands, their power weapons, or even second unhelmeted heads...

Still trying to figure out Which Tommy I'll display...
Yes, I have both Tommys... He will come out the toy chest soon!

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