May 19, 2018

A tale of two reboots *language warning*

I have been very wary of the She-Ra reboot.
The cast was revealed and it looks decent.
This pic inspires a LITTLE BIT OF HOPE, despite the pants.
But, so far it seems WAY MORE RESPECTFUL than the following:

Take Teen Titans go (to Hell, hopefully) and combine it with an art style that's like a bad crossover between Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and MAD.
You got that visual abomination in your head...
Now mix that unholy thing with this:

I'm not joking.

I know what a Thundercat is and you ain't one. Thou art a Thundercrap.
Picrured here: The Moron who is taking
A massive shit on The legacy of Thundercats 

What the hell is this moron talking about Comedy on a show about an honorable clan of aliens who crash landed on a planet trying to live peacefully, while a cranky old mummy tries to kill them because they aren't evil?
He calls the intro of the original series Animation Gold, and THIS PIECE OF EXCREMENT is how he pays respects to it?

If I were a hyper angry videogame or nostalgic movie reviewer I'd say something like: "If this fucking shit is why we can't  have a complete roster of Classic Thundercats, Soyboy there needs to have his dickhole filled with bamboo skewers!!" But I am not... O am a more mellow individual... (Though I completely agree with the sentiment)
My thoughts are: "Less TTG, more Voltron... fucking moron. You probably work for Mumm-Ra!"

This dumpster fire is making She-Ra reboot look good

Things I learned on PRCC 2018...

My camera decided to act up and behave worse than Caillou Ren and I couldn't take pics... Like a moron, I forgot about the little fact that my Cellphone HAS A CAMERA...
In all fairness, I had finished my shift at 8 AM and jad to wake up at 11:30 in order to shower, shave and put on my Japanese Schoolboy islookimg for a Chinese assassin but gets distracted by SEGA games and capsule toy machines... outfit.

I was disappointed that only ONE person got the reference.

I refused to take picturws of Deadpools, Harleys, Jokers... That inclused Bob Rosspool, Gwen Poole, Deathstroke... (to be fair it was a Slade and Wade couple. And as mucj as it pained me, this meant that the Wade running around with an Infinity Gauntlet had to be culled.

He was looking for Mr. Yost.
Sadly, we couldn't record the encounter.
There was a Kirito and Asuna cosplay, but I kinda blew my chance for a pic when they overheard my remark on a Kirito hat.
It fits Kirito to a T.
I saw part of the Voltron Force. Allura, Lance and Hunk were MIA so the remaining Paladins were looking for them.

I was disappointed in the lack of Sailors at the Con.
It was OK... I even got to see a half-assed WB Booth.
All the good stuff and the TTG would be on Saturday... Shame, because the whole being put into The Meg sounded cool.

But this is the part where you ask about Billy and Captain Jack Harkness.

Let me start by saying this... I am WELL AWARE that I'm  fat. Also, I'm 5'7", which is kinda short... Well, Mr. Yost is 5'6"... So, he looks super small next to me. I wasn't Photoshopped into the pic.

Now with that said, let me weave a tale, so you can almost feel what it was being me at that moment.
We were in the line to take pics with the Blue Ranger. I wore my Communicator for obvious reasons (blue bands, of course...) tons of people with the Blue Ranger shirt... Madeline  (well a girl cosplaying as Madeline) was freaking out about touching his helmet. Then everybody  freaked out, cause everyone there grew up watching Power Rangers (and most of them left on the second half of Turbo). Nearly everyone went for the Helmet. I chose the Morpher. Did I mention that he was wearing a Blue Polo shirt? Now I womder if that was a coincidence or a Zordon mandate.
So, I was fumbling with the Morpher until he helped me perfect my Morphin' Time pose.
He complimented my Communicator for obvious reasons.
Also, I touched his Morpher, as in one of the actual props used on the show...

But at least with the Blue Ranger I didn't mess up like I did with Tara Strong (who is real) last year... Oh no, the fangirl within came out with John Barrowman... cause let's face it... John Barrowman must be a mutant, cause he can make straight guys and lesbians crave for the D.
So, this girl was cosplaying as Donna Noble... I had seen her on the floor a few times, but it all clicked while waiting for Captain Jack Harkness.
So, we began chatting, along with Storm and other folks about fangirling about John Barrowman. A small Whovians vs DC fans discussion began to form and it switched to everyone getting too nervous to go first.
JB is generating suspense by arriving fashionably late.
Guess what Al'ahmaq (my League of Assassins name) said:

A: Oh my God he's real!!!
B: Ohmygoshohmygoshohmyoshohmygoshomygooossshh!
C: He's like a pretty version of Tom Cruise!

He then went by his photo op rules... Main rule: no kissing while his arm was on my shoulders. I squealed Oh my God he's touching me!! The girls were a bit jealous... I could see it in their eyes... I started giggling  as I walked to photo area and he was all: "Are you OK, Buddy?"
"I'm nervous" I replied. He then offers a hug and my brain was like: The leader of the League of Assassins is a Hugger? How can I see him as a villain, when Now I know he's like a real life Danny Tanner? So, as we hug, the Photographer takes the pic.  As we break off the hug he says that I smell real nice and hugs me again. (CH for men... it can make Malcolm Merlyn want to hug you.) So the Photographer snaps another pic. I left the photoarea giggling like a schoolgirl... and doubtimg my heterosexuality for a few minutes... I guess that's the Captain Jack Harkness charm at work.
Not sure who was higging harder, Captain Jack or Me...
Alas, I had to return home and sleep in order to go to work. But, I won a free bag of rice just for knowing that Henry and Nora Allen are Barry Allen's parents.
Well that was my PRCC experiemce in a nutshell...