Oct 17, 2017

BBTS has the Power Con figures...

I can't believe that Finally I'm getting the Power Con figures and I'll be able to judge Super 7 a bit better, due to having a second sample BESIDES the Ultimates. (My SHFiguarts Ryoga is MIA, but Ryoga is Ryoga and it makes sense he's completely lost.)

Sadly, I'm aware of some QC issues with the PC figures. Hope mine aren't riddled with issues.

Bison has disappointed me. It's Tuesday and he didn't show up. There's hope for Wednesday but referencing the Addams Family movies would be the easy way out... Of course, I wouldn't just do that.
I'll just wait for Bison and if lucky I'll be publishing the review next Tuesday, cause Bison. (And a small backlog of toys to review, like NECA April and a few Marvel Legends.)

Hasbro should do a 90s X-Men wave

Y'know it's a great idea. You're thinking of the epic theme song right now...
Well, I originally had thought of a box set with the 9 figures and an X-Men logo that played a bit of the intro. But that would put it at the $200-ish range and wouldn't really sell on retail. So I thought that an 8 figure wave with 2 BaFs could work.
Many of the characters are repaints with only the head being the new piece. (Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Jean, Rogue come to mind.) Some would require a bit more new parts (Gambit and Jubilee) Charles would need a Hoverchair that should come disassembled to save space. Beast would have to be brand new.

Who would be the BaFs? Beast and Jubilee. She has plenty of experience as a BaF and a 90s Beast BaF is the perfect way to "Force you" into getting the repaints.
This is how I would split up the BaFs
Cyclops Jubilee fireworks
Wolverine Beast arms
Storm Beast Torso
Gambit Beast Legs
Rogue Jubilee's torso
Jean Jubilee's legs
Xavier Jubilee's arms
Morph (who would reuse the Forge and Wolverine 2 pack buck from years ago) He'd have both Beast's and Jubilee's heads... Cause Morph.

Yes, I added Morph to cement the 90s Cartoon wave as a 90s cartoon wave. Also he was a complete curveball.

2 BaFs in one wave is a bit dickish, but to get the 90s cartoon X-Men it's worth it.