Sep 19, 2017

This whole F5 Hurricane Maria thing is scary.

Saying that I'm afraid is an understatement. The Hurricane is meant to reach Puerto Rico tomorrow. Power may be gone for who knows how long. Due to my new job, I HAVE to be on duty DURING the Hurricane, which scares me. I don't know what's going to happen and the uncertainty is scary.
There's lots of things that I'm worried about, family, friends, my place, my vehicle. Some of you may think: Material stuff can be replaced. Sure, some things can be replaced, others, not so much.

Out on my own is such a scary place... almost as scary as Zac Efron looking at a bad CGI reflection of himself. It's times like these where I feel so alone. I want to hide under a blanket and cry, but that won't solve anything. Duty calls and I must answer the call. Sure, I am crapping my pants right now, but I have to do what I have to do. Like I stated a while back when Irma was coming:

No Power = No PC Usage. No PC Usage = No Internet. Will try to be safe
We dodged a bullet with Irma. With Maria we seem to be running out of luck. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to post consistently and the past few days I've been posting from my cellphone, which it isn't as fun.

I haven't been able to comment on the deaths of Harry Dean Stanton, Bobby Heenan, Frank Vincent, or Len Wein... and with a Hurricane coming through, I don't feel like it. All I can say is my condolences to their families.

The craziest thing is that between my two jobs... Cue the Rochelle Clip!

The whole electric power issues and all that might mean that I COULD MISS OUT ON:
My Little Pony: The Movie
Thor Ragnarok
Justice League

Hopefully the damage from Maria will be minimal...

It came from the Toy Chest: You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance.

You might have guessed what Street Fighter chracter's figure I'll be reviewing. Yup, it's Ryu. Specifically the Street Fighter V (blegh!) by Storm Collectibles. BTW, the blegh! Is for SFV, not for Storm Collectibles. I have to review this figure first to determine if they're a pass or a failure.

So, Ryu in a nutshell... FIGHTING HOBO. OK, not really a hobo, he's more like a wandering warrior, who travels across the land fighting the strong, in order to perfect his craft. Like a modern era wandering samurai... who can shoot fireballs from his hands and occasionally slip into his dark self and have waves of murderous intent flowing through his body. He's also the main character of Street Fighter in almost all of its versions... (except in the US)

Let's get cracking.

Ryu's a very articulated figure. Talking Marvel Legends level of Articulation here. I Like the Aesthetics of the Articulation here a bit better than the NECA SFIV Ryu. The Articulation ranges are similar to the NECA figure, but having the ability to rotate the ends of the bandanna allows to be a bit more dynamic in the poses.

Paint and Sculpt:
Before I start, I must mention that some of the paint on his gauntlets chipped off while I was trying to set up the Hadoken effect. Luckily I had a bit of crimson paint that closely matches his gloves. His sculpt is based on his SFV look. That explains the dirty gi and his kinda SFIII-ish look.

While I am not a fan of this look/style. SFII style FTW. Storm Collectibles captured the game look rather well... (Can't wait to see how they tackle banana hair, or Akuma Matata)
So, keeping in consideration the issue of paint flaking I have to give him a 4.0

Stand with spring loaded clamps to hold the figure in place
6 extra hands
2 extra faceplates
3 piece hadoken effect

This is easily a 5.0 but I feel like he's missing something... The Duffel bag, which only SOTA has given him that specific accessory.

Ryu gets a 4.67 as his final score. The paint issue bugs me a little bit. Other than that, this is THE BEST Ryu Figure so far. The SH Figuarts, while in scale to Marvel Legends, Figma, DCUC, etc. is not that good looking. (Can't believe I'm saying that) The Storm Collectibles figure seems to be way more accurate to the source material. I just noticed that his neck is a rubbery piece covering some skeleton body. That worries me for obvious reasons...