Apr 26, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Does whatever a spider can but with boobs

Except that she got a breast reduction and a crappy nuBatgirl-esque costume after the Milo Manara debacle.
I have to be honest here, SJW friendly Spider-woman wasn't a figire I wanted. The ToyBiz version of Spider-woman worked for me (aside the huge hands)
This new outfit screams CW TV series.  It's  Titans bad...
But let's  describe Spider-woman in a  nutshell:
Detective with Spider Powers... it involves the High Evolutionary and Hydra... so let's not talk about how she got her powers.
Has teamed up with various heroes. Was an Avenger at one point.
Spidey: saved you a slice.
You can have it once you stop failing at the Manara pose.

Jessica has standard ML Female articulation. Which means that she can't do whatever a spider can. For an acrobatic character, the articulation is a little limited.
Jess:So what do I have to do for the review.
Spidey: Have a slice. Nefty hates you so he'll quarter ass the photoshoot.

Paint and sculpt 
I have said this countless times. Hasbro has great sculptors for female faces. My onlu gripe is that her face looks too young. She looks more Laura Kinney than Jessica Drew.
The awful outfit is sculpted flawlessly...
Spidey: Did you know there's a parallel universe where you're a clone of me?
Jess: I was going to invite you for some hot coffee,  but now you made it awkward.
Spidey: The part where you kill me after sex would be kinda awkward...
Jess: I thought that was a Mantis thing...
Spidey: Wait! Isn't  Tony dating Julia now?
Both: Oh shi-

BaF piece and sunglasses.

Jessica gets a 3.17 as her final score. Only got her for the BaF piece.

Stridor preorder went live. Also the faux vintage He-man is sold out

Remember the faux vintage He-Man, Skeletor, She-Ra and Hordak? They went on sale yesterday. By the time I saw them, He-Man and Skeletor were sold out.
Yes. It sucks, but they were two-packs at $45 each, so me missing out doesn't  hurt too much.
Stridor will have to wait until payday, but he IS coming with two Helmets. Rumor has it that the shield detail was sculpted but not shown in the mockup.

But man, that two-packs thing is absolute  bullshit... how can a pre-order be sold out? Don't  give me  limited numbers bullshit... This is some toyguru kind of bullshit.