Mar 23, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: the guy from Not another Teen Movie

I am talking about Chris Evans... And if I'm doing a review on a Chris Evans related figure Then that means...
No, not that, but I'm either reviewing the Walgreens exclusive Human Torch or a Marvel Legends Captain America...

No need to explain who are Cap and Torch, right?
OK: Torch explanation.
On an outer space adventure, they got hit by cosmic Rays. The four would change forever in some most fantastic ways. No need to fear they're here, just call the four... Fantastic Four!
Reed Richards is elastic. Sue can fade from sight. Johnny is the Human Torch. The Thing just loves to fight. The song didn't help. So, Johnny can turn into a flaming dude who can fly. No gay joke here. The whole he can set on fire thing was my main criticism against MBJ playing the role because it was a black guy setting himself on fire and giving boners to racists asshats.

And that's Captain America in a nutshell, but you can see him in the MCU movies and get a better idea of Chris Evans as Cap.

Let's get cracking:
Torch is in a basic buck, so the articulation is standard ML fare. Some of his joints were stuck, but once they were freed they move rather nicely. Problem is that some joints (namely the abs, and hands, but the latter are interchangeable, so it's understandable)

Cap has a bit better range than Johnny and his joints are tight. But like most Hasbro MLs, Cap can't do the splits.

Paint and Sculpt:
As I mentioned earlier, Torch is on a standard buck, but added flame details on his arms and legs, not to mention the removable back piece (probably to use Figma stands). The paintwork is minimal, seeing his mostly cast in red and orange translucent plastic. Any slop can be attributed to "artistic interpretation" of flaming effects. The eyes, (4) insignia, and small details are tampographed.
Personally, I would've liked more flames, but store exclusive with little new parts...

His outfit is based on the movie. The Sculpt is decent, but the paintwork isn't as detailed as the actual movie look. But to be fair, mass production retail toys by American companies tend to cut corners here and there in paint application. (Especially Hasbro, Mattel, and the worst offender of them all Playmates toys)
Now, since his outfit is mostly the Civil War outfit minus the star, and more dirt, ImI not too sure if he's reusing preusing parts or if he's an all new Sculpt. (I was not collecting ML while Civil War.) One curious thing that I noticed is that the Hair is a separate piece.
Does this mean we're going to have a Chris Evans Bearded Cap with the mask as a toy as well?

Torch: extra hands and 2 flame effects to put over the fists.
Cap: extra BARE fists, Wakanda Shield, Grimace BAF head. (WHY NOT A GLOVED fist?)

Both are really great figures in their own right. Cap might have lost a bit more due to having a BAF piece, but I feel like they needed to be...
20% cooler. No, no MLP clip today. But, here's a pic of Chris Evans as Human Torch while carrying Captain America's shield.

Mar 22, 2018

Am I hallucinating or is that Charles Bronson?

I saw Death Wish the reboot with John McClane. It was OK... Bruce Willis is no Charles Bronson, but it kinda worked...
A few days later I saw this floating on Facebook:

Tell me he does not look like Charles Bronson.

All I know is that a Stranger (whose name probably won't be mentioned at all due to rights issues, but it looks like Paul Kersey...) Tries to rid a city of crime as he protects a mother and child.
I am really curious about this. But you have to admit it's a bit creepy how much Robert Kovacs looks like Bronson...